The Great Paper Clearing of 2018

$40.00 On Sale

Image of The Great Paper Clearing of 2018

To make way for a new year of my hand-drawn frameable catastrophes, the warehouse... well... warecloset... waretable? The place with the all wares is ready for a sale of stack moving proportions. For the next month I'll be offering up four lovely wall coverers for $40 of those American-style dollars. That price is kind of nuts, but such is my desire to get them into your domicile.


"The Sack Of Rome (Loosely Reenacted" (16" x 20"/2 Color Screen Print)

"Go Outside" (18" x 24"/3 Color Screen Print)

"Disable Notifications" (18" x 24"/2 Color Screen Print)

"El-P Gig Poster" (16" x 20"/2 Color Lithograph)

Also stickers and possibly a written note. Definitely rambling. So look forward to that.