Lie To Me, Caesar (I & II)


Image of Lie To Me, Caesar (I & II)

An upsetting discovery: as the world gets stranger, so do my hands.

Another year or two and I might be halfway to Giger-ville. (I drafted a few low percentage artist references for this post. I think I'm happy with that one. Moving on...)

These two are available for purchase. But will not be available as prints.

This is a pair of 11"x14" drawings on heavy paper. Specifically, smooth bristol board of the finest quality and moral upbringing. Created with wrapping paper, graphite, and copic markers/multiliners.

They will be shipped flat with backing boards sized for, and easily dropped into, 11"x14" frames. And no one ships flatter than me. People are constantly commending me for the flatness of my shipping.